At MultiVA, we think creatively and green. We bring our expertise and materials together in multi-value-added solutions.
At MultiVA, every day is an exciting adventure. We supply tailor-made services and deliver premium quality natural colourings, sweeteners, hydrocolloids, emulsifiers, preservatives, health ingredients, green chemicals, biomaterials and more to the global market, especially EMEA market.

We are your colleagues, working with you as a part of your procurement, your local distribution centre, or your local sales office. We do what you are not very good at, not familiar with or you are unable to do. We fulfil what we promised, we make supply chain work.

Product Portfolio:

  • Emulsifers and stablizers
  • Preservatives & Antimicrobials
  • Natural, health and/or organic ingredients, green chemicals
  • Blends/Premixes and customized ingredients
  • Biomaterials (biopolymers). 

Value-Added Services:

  • Market research & report
  • Supply chain with local warehouses
  • Local sales & marketing support
  • Procurement support
  • Build local image / office
  • Increase sales by i competitiveness